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Our beautifully crafted sailcloth tents, offer couples one of the best quality tents in the United Kingdom.


With premium quality roof fabric and real sailcloth patterns, our sailcloth tents are the perfect foundation for any luxury wedding.

We offer a range of tent sizes which accommodate from 50 to 300 seated guests!

Understanding the importance of floor options is key to our luxury sailcloth tents. We offer both wooden floors with new carpet, or our beautiful natural reusable weave flooring as a standard option!

If you seek high quality at an affordable prices then get in touch via our Quotation Form  and we will do our very best to understand your dream wedding vision!


If you like the look of our gorgeous sailcloth tents and quality is at the top of your wishlist then get in touch with our friendly team to discuss our tents and packages for your wedding event.

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