Our Unique Structures

Clear-span Structures

The Clear-span A-Frame structure is the first of the large extrusion frame stocks. A bigger structure allows for more guests, more space and greater possibilities. The frame has a number of extensions available to add to gable ends or to transfer to different sizes.

Tri-Cone Structures

The Tri-Cone Structure joins three Clear-span structures allowing one marquee with three separate areas around a large communal area. The roof canopy comes in both clear and plain PVC however we only offer the clear roof option due to high demand and style.

Bell Structures


The Bell extension has two main uses for our marquees: as an entranceway or as a hexagonal end piece. As an entranceway, the Bell allows approaches from 180° from the gable end. As an end piece, the Bell is perfect for dance floors, Large 7ft top tables or any other eye catching item.

Solent Canopy Structures


The Solent Canopy provides an elegant covered entrance or standing shelter for a clear-span structure. The canopy connects to the roof and legs and solent Canopies are available for all of our structures. This is a great way to get that unique and practical touch with your marquee event.

Pagoda Structures


The Pagoda structure is often used across our marquee hire fleet as it offers a grand high-peak Entrance for any marquee. This is a great statement peace which is practical as well as eye catching.. Often used as a bar area, your guests can walk into your marquee and grab a drink in a stunning entrance peace.