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If quality is your thing then you have found it.. Miller Marquees offer one of the best clear roof marquee examples in the United Kingdom with sizes ranging from 9 meters wide to 15 meters wide.

Choosing a wedding marquee is no easy task however at Miller Marquees we specialise in offering some of the latest and greatest marquees in the wedding space. Not only do we keep up with the times, we offer the quality so you can be sure that your clear roof marquee is to the highest standard.

From our 9 meter wide medium size marquees to our large 15 meter wide marquees, we can cover guests numbers ranging from 20 - 300. Each of our clear roof marquee sizes can grow in length by 3 meters and can go as long as you wish!


Start Planning Now

Making your experience simple makes our service effective. We guild you through our easy steps to create your masterpiece.

We take considerable steps to understand your requirements so we can provide you with accurate quotes and your dream setup.

Delivery is always on time so you can count on us to allow you with plenty of time do decorate your structure

Take advantage of our team at all times as we are there to make sure your event is nothing other than perfect!


Get your free quotation for our 9 meter wide and 15 meter wide clear roof marquees. We offer one of the best clear roof marquee examples in the UK. Get inspired by our portfolio of premium marquee setups in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. 

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