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Perched in any English setting, our Glass Orangery structures offer full panoramic views and world-class architecture. As the most Eastern glass orangery supplier in the UK, we supply some of the most prestigious venues such as the Wilderness Reserve (located just 3 miles from our HQ).

Whether it be a high-profile luxury wedding or a spectacular corporate function, our Glass Orangeries have the design and architecture for any jaw-dropping event!



Our Glass Orangery marquees can be installed on almost any surface due to our level platforms constructed prior to installing the main structure. With a range of sizes, we offer a set width of 16 meters and the option to grown in length by 5 meter sections, offering you that beautiful black arch design every 5 meters!

Through a culture of innovation, our glass orangery marquees are not only some of the most technically-advanced in the world, but also the most beautifully realised. The glass orangery is designed with our forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. 



Characterised by beautifully sculpted frame and long flowing lines, the glass orangery marquee defines a striking design language for new class. 


Dive into a world of luxury Glass Orangery structures, and speak with our marquee specialists!

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