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Suppliers  Terms 


Supplier Terms

If you have been contracted to offer your services in one or more of our structures, you will need to comply with the terms of Miller Marquees at all times. For full suppliers' terms please contact us. Suppliers can only gain access to our structures once the marquee has been erected and a formal handover has been carried out to our hirer. During the hire of the marquee(s) and equipment, the hirer will be responsible for any suppliers and any damages caused by suppliers will be charged to the hirer at the end of the hire period. All suppliers contracted by Miller Marquees must provide proof of insurance for their goods and services at all times. All suppliers must collect/ remove their goods and services within 24 hours of the event date unless agreed. If a supplier does not meet this deadline, our marquee erectors will remove the suppliers goods and the hirer will be charged for this time. If you are looking to seek further information on our supplier terms, please contact us. 

Venue Terms

All commercial venues must comply with these terms, at all times, in order to conduct business Miller Marquees. All venues must guarantee access to all vehicles during the time of erecting and taking down the marquee structures at the venue- if any delays to the marquee erectors occur due to the venue being unsuitable to use and/ or due to delays for access, this will be charged to the hirer. If at the time of erecting or dismantling the marquee(s) the venue cannot grant access to the marquee, this will be charged to the hirer for any extra time taken in manually handling our goods from the marquee(s) to the transport. If this distance should exceed 30 meters, we will terminate the marquee erection/ take down until access is granted as agreed- this will be charged to the hirer. Venues looking to advertise Miller Marquees' services can only be offered once Miller Marquees and the venue have agreed. All venues advertising and recommending Miller Marquees on a commission based structure are subject to our venue terms, at all times. Commissions can be offered to venues only once the hirer has paid in full and used Miller Marquees Services. All commission based payments will be paid within 30 days of the completed event date and are only payable to the venue, in the form of a bank transfer. In the event, Miller Marquees terminates any (commission based) referrals with a commercial venue, this will take place with immediate effect and no further commissions will be paid thereafter and/ or for any future events at the venue. If the venue does not allow for future events which are contracted with the hirer, the hirer will lose any deposits paid to Miller Marquees. If you require more clarity on our venue terms, please contact us.

Event Planner Terms

In then event a wedding planner and/ or a event planner is contracted by the hirer, this will be subject to the terms of Miller Marquees. If an event planner wishes to act on behalf of the hirer, this can only be done on the condition that the hirer confirms, in writing, that the event planner will be acting on their behalf. Any and all payments/ orders must always be handled direct with Miller Marquees and the hirer, at all times. All event planners are subject to all our "suppliers' terms" and must not breech these at any time during the hire as the hirer will be charged for any delays made to the marquee erectors.

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